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    With the recent success of the film adaptation of the musical “Les Miserables,” it is interesting to consider if there could be improvements to the way the story is told on screen. The source material for the musical and its subsequent filmed adaptation in the book “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo. Published in 1862, it is considered one of the best novels of the 19th century. When a musical based on the book premiered in 1980, it was notable because it stayed faithful to the story while adding a extra layer of emotion and spectacle. The 2012 movie version of the musical extended that emotion, creating a compelling story that earned multiple awards. For those that feel a better adaptation of “Les Miserables” should not be a musical, here, it is easy to compare, as there have been several films based on “Les Miserables” that were not musicals, the most recent being in 1998. That version of “Les Miserables” was directed by Billie August and starred Liam Neeson and Geoffrey Rush. Perhaps one of the most acclaimed non-musical versions of “Les Miserables” was created by director Claude Lelouch. It won a Golden Globe in 1995. Either way, “Les Miserables” is a great story that has been told well in a variety of ways.Can’t get enough? There’s more: Photo Flash: LES MISERABLES Opens at the Muny- Hugh Panaro, Norm Lewis & More!

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